Massage Treatments in Calagary

Have you ever experienced some form of repetitive strain, sore or stiff musculature or have had an injury that has resulted in acute or chronic pain? When this happens, we often look for a management team that will help us recover, ease the pain and continue to treat our bodies into a preventative state of wellness.
We want to find a number of skilled individuals that can assist us in healing and becoming stronger.

At Calgary, our team will assist you in your health goals and continue to refer you to other members of our team or other professionals and modalities if you do not see the results you are seeking.

There is a reason massage therapy is what we do and offer. Every Calgary massage therapist is registered with an accredited association in Alberta, this means each one has an equivalent or minimum of 2200 hours of training. Our therapists offer receipts for insurance reimbursement of massage therapy.